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The Mid-Morning Dump: Full Slate of The NBA Playoffs

Blowouts, ejections, memes and close games, what else could you want from the playoffs?

GOOD LUCK Puerto Rico will have some extra fans for their Olympic qualifies from Cyclone nation.

CONGRATS! I couldn’t even imagine running for 30 minutes straight let alone that quickly.

MARK EM’ DOWN 2:30 start times for both in state games.

ART A new meme was born during the Suns and Lakers scrappy game 3.

TEMPERS RUNNING HIGH Booker let his emotions get the best of him during the double digit loss.

GOOD FOR RUSS The fan who threw popcorn on Westbrook has been banned from the Wells Fargo Center.

POSSIBLE DESTINATIONS Julio Jones becoming available for a first round pick has several teams looking to land the star wideout.

GETTING REVENGE The Bucks are dominating the Heat after being embarrassed in the bubble last season.

A FOR EFFORT Cue Vince Lombardi’s “what the hell’s going on out here”.