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Mid-Morning Dump: Tennis U

The Iowa State Tennis Team Makes History

TALKIN TENNIS The Iowa State Women’s Tennis team made the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history.

LOADING... Jack Trice’s North side is getting work done. This entrance is gonna look amazing when it’s finished.

THE LITECAST We couldn’t let The Night Cap have all the fun, the Litecast has a big time guest coming on to talk about their former Iowa State career, and current pro career overseas. Hint hint.

STAT STUFFER Russ had another 20 assist, 20 rebound game. If it wasn’t for the three point line, Russ would be one of the best players of this generation, hands down.

BOO’S IN THE BRONX Everyone’s least favorite team, the Houston Asterisks, will return to NY for the first time since the conclusion of their investigation, plus, fans will be there.

LET ME KNOW Which team mascot/logo is your favorite in the comments. Some clubhouse favorites include: Lansing Lugnuts, Chattanooga Lookouts, and of course, the Brooklyn Cyclones.

SUNNY DAZE The Suns went from a feel good bubble story, to a legit title contender in one shortened off-season. Where’s the love?

GET MAD AT LISTS A favorite pass time of the internet. Here’s the Ringer’s top 25 NBA players in the league, right now.

ROSES Mark June 7th on your calendars, and buckle up.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK As the weather gets warmer, the West Coast music sounds better and better. Dr. D-R-E with Snoop D-O-double-G.