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Mid-Morning Dump: The End of an Era

We Say Goodbye to the 98.3 Vibe of the Week :(

REDBIRDS -> REDWOLVES Johnnie Lang will be suiting up for the Arkansas State Redwolves next year in the powerhouse Sunbelt conference.

DOIN’ NUMBERS Jamie Pollard announced that Iowa State is on pace to pass its season tickets record, nearing 47 thousand.

CABIN FEVER This numbskull from the Washington Wizards game is the most recent in a long line of idiot ‘fans’ at NBA games. Get it together people.

JOEL EM- “Ow, my knee” The 76ers looked way different without their star big man in the lineup against the Wizards, hopefully he’s able to make a return in game 5.

TALKIN’ TENNIS Rising star, Naomi Osaka, stirred some controversy after saying she would accept fines for not talking to media during press conferences. She has since withdrew from the French Open.

HOME COURT, HOME SHMOURT Does home court advantage really matter in the NBA playoffs?

RIP 98.3 THE VIBE I’m very sad to announce the ‘Vibe of the week’ has come to an end due to Cumulus Media’s atrocious decision to change my favorite old school hip hop radio station into a billboard charts monstrosity. We will never forget the REAL 98.3 the Vibe.

LOGO OF THE WEEK so this will have to do. I’m working on a title but as someone who grew up on the site of Chris Creamer sports logo . net, I feel like this will be a transition I will enjoy. Still pissed at Cumulus Media though. Here are the Augusta Greenjackets, minor league baseball team.