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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kawhi Does a Dunk

Derrick Favors put on Many a Poster

RETIRE THE NUMBER Rules were made to be broken, it’s time we forever enshrine the legacy of number 11. Hopefully Tyrese Hunter can do the number justice.

DOIN’ NUMBERS Football released their incoming freshman numbers as well

STICKY SITUATION The next MLB cheating scandal is upon us, and hint, every team is guilty of this, so is it really even cheating?

STICKIER SITUATION The Nets could be down to a big ‘1’ if Harden and Kyrie stay on the IR in game 5.

HE HAS A FAMILY Kawhi showed no mercy on this posterizing dunk. Rip in peace Derrick Favors.

HOTLANTA A superstar is making his debut, and something about the Hawks is transforming in the ATL, and right now in the playoffs.

MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE It’s no coincidence that all of the title contenders have a mid-range deadeye this year.

TALKIN’ ROSES Karl, what are we doing here?

MOVE OVER MJ The Bulls are about to be THT’s team.

LOGO OF THE WEEK There is something endearing about a team using a logo way out of left field. This Warriors logo is a mix of a knight in shining armor, the Silver Surfer, and Dr. Manhattan. I’m not saying it works, it’s just radically different than anything Golden State did before or after.