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Litecast: CFP Expansion and Bachelorette Episode 2 Recap

How many teams is too many teams?

The College Football Playoff is on the verge of expanding to 12 teams and we have.... thoughts. Is 12 too many teams? Why do we have to include G5 teams? What does it mean for Iowa State (spoiler alert: money and access)? Kyrie Irving is injured and the Nets are still fighting. Things looked bleak but they can still beat the Bucks as long as Bruce Brown steps up. After a quick update on the Mavs/Hawks trade power rankings, we finish off with a recap of episode 2 of the Bachelorette. Katie stepped up. Karl is a sociopath. We are the foremost anti-Greg podcast in Bachelor Nation. There’s some spicy conspiracy theories we toss around as we prepare for the rest of the season. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring!