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The Donnie Report: Jamie Pollard and Nebraska

Let’s check in on our friend Donnie to see if Jamie is headed to Lincoln.

Welcome to the newest edition of the Donnie Report, our chronicling of fans that seem absolutely certain that they’re about to hire a popular figure away from Iowa State. Typically, this report centers around Matt Campbell and various fanbases’ insistence that he is minutes away from being hired by their favorite school, but this time it was Jamie Pollard and the Nebraska Athletic Director job. If you’re not familiar with Donnie, he’s the omniscient donor that is apparently deeply-seated in the halls and office of key decision makers.

Unfortunately, Mark has apparently since gotten himself suspended, but copy/paste is a beautiful invention that allows this epitaph to live on.

Let’s check in with the Husker fans that apparently have the inside sources that Jamie Pollard is headed to Lincoln.

Husker Howie has always been my guy for this type of stuff. I mean, he did break the news of Luke McCaffrey transferring to Rice four days before it was tweeted.

While Twitter name makes a lot of sense after the first read of the tweet, every subsequent read becomes sadder and sadder. I’d hypothetically ask what a Husker fan from the 90s would think about the idea of Nebraska desperately wanting to raid Iowa State’s athletic department for the AD and the football coach, but I’m not sure there are any other kinds of Nebraska fans.

Well, if anybody knows, it would definitely be a TOE fan.

*Nebraska turns the ball over again*

Now, to credit Husker fans a little, the suggestion that Nebraska would look at Jamie Pollard was completely legitimate, and was proposed by some national writers.

While ordinarily a solid proposal, I’m not sure $9 and a Runza gift card is gonna get Jamie Pollard to Lincoln.

Well, this is not how I was expecting this to turn out. Looks like Jamie is headed to Lincoln to take over as Nebraska’s next AD, as confirmed by Husker Howie and, presumably, his good pal Donnie.

Well, this is awkward. Wonder if Iowa State can get Jamie back now that he’s already been replaced at Nebraska before his introductory press conference even kicked off.