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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tough Night for CP3

From Getting Clowned, to Getting Crossed

NOT A LOTZ Is how much TJ Otz will be getting paid, relatively. $1.5 Million dollars definitely keeps the lights on and food on the table though.

YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT DONNIE He peed on my rug! Also, a new Donnie report. Hold onto your butts.

PAT BEV What more needs to be said?

MAN DOWN What if I told you... the night got worse for Chris Paul

ICE TRAE Is what Trae Young’s ankles might need. Hopefully he’s at full go for game four.

JUSTICE FOR THOMAS Katie’s decision: Insubordinate, and churlish. (I may or may not have drafted Thomas in my bachelorette draft)

HOCKEY? IDK? Not my specialty. When it comes to hockey I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I assume Michael Baumann does.

BROOKLYN TO BOSTON And no, not that one. Get to know the new head coach for the ‘tics.

LOGO OF THE WEEK Minor league baseball is an absolute gold mine. The nod this week goes to the Eugene Emeralds in the Northwest League.