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The Mid-Morning Dump: ISU Baseball is So Back

2nd place ain’t bad.

CYCLONE BASEBALL The Iowa State club team finished runner up in the NCBA World Series.

SLAMMIN’ SAMI Williams becomes the first ever 1st Team All-American in ISU softball history.

OOF The Mavs took down the Clippers last night, and Rajon Rondo was not pleased with Kawhi’s attempt to tie the game.

TAKE A BOW Trae Young and company take down the Knicks to close out the series, and I think Knick fans hate Trae Young.

YA LIKE JAZZ? The fighting Georges Niangs move on to the second round.

76ERS MOVE ON Ben Simmons can’t shoot from beyond 8 feet but he is very good at everything else.

COACH K The iconic Duke basketball coach announced this will be his final season, and they have already named their next head coach.