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The Mid-Morning Dump: MY Brooklyn Nets

The Nets Handout an Unfriendly Ass Whooping

US OPEN Will have a former Cyclone golfing, in his first ever major

CROOTS Iowa State made the top 6 of a top running back out of Ohio. Kaleb Johnson’s top 6 teams also include Iowa, Michigan, and Michigan State.

NO SLEEP TILL Brooklyn absolutely eviscerated the Milwaukee Bucks in game 2, being up by 39 points for stretches in the game.

THE VALLEY BOYZ As the kids say, it’s lit, in Phoenix, Arizona right now.

EXPENSIVE TWEETS Daryl Morey got fined $75 thousand dollars for a tampering tweet about getting the other Curry to the Sixers.

HE GOT NEXT Devin Booker dethroned a King, and is looking for a crown of his own.

RISING STARS I’m probably contractually obligated to have at least one article be non-NBA so here’s a list of some MLB dudes I’ve never heard of.

TALKIN’ ROSES The bachelorette is back baby, let’s ride.

THE GOAT My favorite brand of tweets are Simone Biles doing crazy shit in slow motion with a face of a goat bedazzled on her leotard.

LOGO OF THE WEEK From the ECHL (full of fantastic logos) the Greenville Swamp Rabbits take this week’s honor. As always check out Chris Creamer’s wonderful website of all things sports logos.