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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fill ‘Er Up

Fans will Pack the Jack this fall!

REPACK THE JACK The ISU football team will welcome a full capacity crowd back to games this fall. Though the announcement comes as no surprise, it’s exciting nonetheless!

HUNTING FOR STAR POWER Check out the cool little feature video below on ISU commit Tyrese Hunter.

SUMMER DAYS The Gazette takes a look at the ISU football team’s defensive line status heading into next season.

AND BECAUSE WHY NOT? Just having some fun here, take a look at where the Cyclones would have landed had a 12-team playoff occurred last season:

LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE The Tampa Bay Lightning eliminated the Carolina Hurricanes last night, advancing to the NHL’s semifinals (basically equivalent to a normal year’s conference finals) yet again.

DAS FOOTBALL The NFL is looking to hold games in Germany, and officially kicked off a process today to begin looking for a partner city.

I SAW THE SIGN A new book claims the Houston Astros continued stealing signs will into the 2019 season, another revelation in a scandal that just won’t go away.

TAKING ON WATER This ... looks expensive. (Also, way to pull out the phone and film it, rather than help. Good instinct!)