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The Mid-Morning Dump: Dinger Derby

ESPN Hates the Royals

ALL I KNOW IS DEYO Iowa State landed a massive recruit, both literally and figuratively, in Lewis Central’s Hunter Deyo.

GOOD AFTERNOON Iowa State’s first two games will both be at 3:30, in the Jack. Let’s get weird.

POKEMON GO TO THE POLLS Iowa State came in at number 2, even stealing some first place votes from Oklahoma.

ESalvadorPerezN Look, I didn’t know who this guy was until last night, but Royals fans were heated. And I love twitter heat.

BATTING PRACTICE CHAMP Apparently a two time champion? Also, never heard of this guy.

TEAM WHO-S-A? The USA national team STINKS!

DOS EQUIS Zalia Avant-garde is perhaps the most interesting 14 year old in the world. By day a national spelling champion, by night, a Guinness world record hooper.

THE TALK OF THE TOWN Shoehei Othani dominated sports daytime television, and twitter yesterday. But we’re turning back the clock to see where it all began.

TALKIN’ ROSES I didn’t watch last night, I will catch up in the coming days. My b.

WHATCHA NEED The Ringer’s KOC mocks up a big board for all 30 NBA teams ahead of the draft.

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK As always, check out Chris Creamer’s master class website. This logo is brought to you from the Pacific Coast League (New Orleans in the Pacific Coast League seems like an error in geography), an alternate logo, but so good I had to share it.