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Litecast: It’s a Cyclone (Recruiting) State

Plus we invent a new game: Big 12 QB or country singer?

The Litecast returns with a full house as Austin, Matt, and Dylan are back in action. We start with the news of 4-star in state recruit Hunter Deyo’s commitment to Iowa State. This is a continuation of a trend as 2022 is looking good for the Cyclones. Is this the start of sustained success? We sure think so.

The NBA Finals looks much more competitive as Giannis is playing out of his mind. Can the Bucks come back to win the whole thing? We also try to make sense of why Tyrese Haliburton is not on the Suns right now. In other basketball news, Team USA is struggling in Olympic prep, but we think we know how to fix it.

Lastly, we play a new game to help us get ready for football season: Big 12 QB or country singer? It’s not as easy as you might think! Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring!