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The Mid-Morning Dump: What the crap Chuck

Charlie Kolar is a maniac.

BIG 12 MEDIA DAY was yesterday and there are a million videos out there, but Matt Campbell explaining why he loves Iowa State is all you need to see.

USE A FORK The nation’s best tight end appears to not eat spaghetti with a fork.

THE LITECAST Be sure to check out this week’s episode of The Litecast!

HANG IT IN THE LOUVRE Giannis wills the Bucks to a game 4 win with this iconic block.

HISTORY Candace Parker becomes the first woman to graze the cover of NBA 2K, along with KD, Luka Doncic, Dirk, and Kareem.

BUSH MAN Reggie Bush says he’s ready to tell his side of the story.