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The Mid-Morning Dump: NIT Tipoff Date Set

This coming year is going to be a great time to be a Cyclone.

CONTROVERSY ON CAMPUS WRNL dives deep into Charlie Kolar’s strange spaghetti eating technique.

WORTH A LISTEN Craig Brackens spoke about his time at ISU and some great things about Otz in the process.

MARK YOUR CALENDERS Putting the country on notice in 4 months time.

EVEN MORE WORTH OF A LISTEN Catch Down the Pipe & Natty Lite as they return for their first opponent preview of the season.

GOOD GUY TED LASSO Ted showed his support for the England players who received racial abuse after their missed penalties in the Euro 2020 Final.

WHERE IS FATHER TIME? It’s being reported that Tom Brady played all of last season on a torn MCL.

WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? There are several suitors to replace Bradley Beal on team USA now that he will miss the Olympics due to health and safety protocols.

SEE YA LATER Have fun in Atlanta Joc.

LET THEM HAVE FUN Professional athletes are people too and deserve to have fun, especially in their communities.

UNDERRATED TO SAY THE LEAST With Giannis in the spotlight Khris Middleton has been flying under the radar the entire postseason.