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Litecast: Media Day Pettiness, Culture Debates, and Space Jam 2 Probably Stinks (We Aren’t Watching It)

Stop asking when he’s leaving.

On this week’s Litecast, the guys review the biggest storylines from Big 12 media day. We get petty as the discussion around Matt Campbell and his coaching future are getting old. Look out for some stray shots at the other Big 12 schools. We also tackle the discourse around the “Horns Down” gesture and whether or not culture is just an empty buzzword used by coaches.

Elsewhere, the Bucks are on the verge of an NBA championship (we recorded before game 6) and there is some Suns resentment setting in. Chris Paul’s dirty play is finally being called out.

Space Jam 2 is out and while none of us are planning to see it, it does give us a chance to reminisce on the original and point out some of the obvious flaws of the new one. That leads to a further discussion of sports movies and while they typically aren’t great.

Lastly, the Bachelorette season continues and Dylan & Matt are losing interest. Austin tries to pull them back in but we can kind of see why this season hasn’t been great.

Thanks as always to our sponsor Es Tas Bar & Grill!