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The Mid-Morning Dump: Bob Ballsby

The Big 12 commish isn’t going down without a fight.

THE WANG Kene Nwangwu is the 3rd fastest running back in all of Madden.

OU AIN”T SLICK The Night Cap featured some brain power on Tuesday.

TWISTER SISTER COMMIT Bill Fennelly and Co. get an AAU National Champion signed to the 2024 class.

BOY CAN FLY Meanwhile on the gridiron, Matt Campbell picks up a speedy 2022 athlete.

WE GOT YOUR 6 BOB WRNL decided it’s time to write our own letter to ESPN.

BOB BALLSBY The Big 12 commish sends a letter to ESPN - and it’s not an apology.

DRAFT NIGHT The NBA Draft is tonight, here’s what you need to know.

ALWAYS OPEN Julio breaks out the Waffle House cleats as training camp gets under way.