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The Mid-Morning Dump: Not a Hockey Guy

All I know is Canada lost. America #1!

PRESEASON HONOR SZN 8 Cyclones were named to the Pre-Season All-Big 12 team, including Mike Rose as the favorite for Big 12 DPOY.

DIVE, DUCK, DIP, DODGE, AND DIVE The Cyclone basketball team took their talents to the hardwood (talking about dodgeball of course).

JUST A REMINDER We need tents when we play in Waco.

HOKS IN SHAMBLES Apparently the newest strategy to recruiting is to not care about recruiting for a year when you are getting embarrassed.

BABE RUTH IN ANGEL RED Shohei Ohtani is doing stuff that is unheard of.

11 YEARS AGO LeBron took his talents to South Beach.

NOT A HOCKEY GUY But this is a cool pic, Lightning reign as champs or whatever.