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The Mid-Morning Dump: Who’s the Best Football Team in Iowa?


QUESTION OF THE YEAR I don’t think Matt Campbell can or would say anything about realignment, but that won’t stop people from asking.

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN Brett McMurphy is out here sending cryptic tweets like he’s about to sign a max contract in NBA free agency, smh.

EVEN PLAYING FIELD Just Iowa State along with their fellow blue bloods in the hunt for top football recruits. Just another day in paradise if you ask me.

MESSI MONEY Not a soccer guy, but one of the 10 soccer players I know is leaving a really good team for another really good team. That’s all I got, read more if you want to right here though.

LUKA MONEY Doncic, not Garza, however both are about equally bad covering NBA pick n roll’s. Anyways the former got paid $200 million dollars yesterday. Shmoney.

CAPTAIN AMERICA How KD saved Team USA from being the laughing stock of the 2021 Olympics.

CAPTAIN AMERICA PT. 2 I’m a Nets fan what did you expect? Lots of players switched teams this off-season, but the biggest move was KD staying put.

TALKIN’ ROSES I’m just happy it’s over. Let’s look forward to Bachelor in Paradise, after a two year hiatus.

THE WHO? Not even the okay-ish band from the 80’s, I’m talking about the ToE, who honestly, I forgot they even had a football team. Chris Hawksel... er... Hassel has not forgotten though. My list goes Iowa State, the Barnsotrmers, Grand View, Dowling Catholic then U of I.

CHRIS CREAMER LOGO OF THE WEEK As always check out Chris Creamer’s website for the latest news in logos and jerseys. This week I have a bit of an update, mostly in thanks to Jared Larson who pointed out the Memphis Tigers or no longer orange tigers.