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The Mid-Morning Dump: Just Counting Down the Days Until September 4th

Please we all need football desperately

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NEW TIGHT END. Meet Jared Rus, the new wrecking ball in the tight end group.

COMBATING NEGATIVE RECRUITING. That is bound to happen in a world of conference realignment.

ALL AMERICANS. Iowa State has a lot of ‘em.

PFF PRESEASON TOP 25. PFF is just trolling us at this point.

THREE QUICK QUESTIONS. For the Cyclones going into fall camp.

JAQUAN AMOS. Meet the man who is likely to be the new starting safety.

CLIPPERS AQUIRING ERIC BLEDSOE. In a huge trade with Memphis.

EXPENSIVE CARD. A Honus Wagner card sold for 6.06 million dollars.

UDONIS HASLEM IS STILL PLAYING? He’ll be back for Miami at age 41.

HARRY KANE TRANSFER. Manchester City is still pushing ahead with it.

FEDERER KNEE SURGERY. He will be out “many months”, apparently.

BREAKOUT QBS. Three NFL fantasy quarterbacks to watch this fall.

TATIS IS BACK. And he hit two homers in his return.

MAYBE DON’T DO THAT. A Kings player was ejected for punching someone after a dunk attempt.