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The Mid-Morning Dump: Your Top 10 Iowa State Cyclones

Cyclones Come in at Number Seven

7TH The Cyclones make history for the first time this season, and hopefully not the last. Iowa State is ranked the highest they’ve ever been in the preseason.

48,000 Season tickets have been sold, the most ever for Iowa State. Pollard even thinks we can get to 49,000.

SLAMMIN SAMI WILLIAMS The Bad Kicking Apparel athlete herself. She’s a finalist for a well deserved award, she has our vote.

TEBOW TIME RUNS OUT Not even his beloved college coach could keep him on a roster longer than a few months. I’m very over ‘Tebowmania’.

TRUST THE $196 MILLION PROCESS Ben Simmons’ Sixer future might be in jeopardy, but Joel Embiid’s is not. The superstar big man inked a four year extension with Philly.

APPRECIATE GREATNESS Cam Thomas is the best player to ever play the game of basketball.

FIELD OF DREAMS A closer look at the ‘Iowa Classic’, and the guy who sealed the victory in a movie-esque finish.

MORE BASEBALL STUFF You know it’s baseball season when I can no longer avoid one baseball headline per daily dump. Give me football back.

CHRIS CREAMER LOGO OF THE WEEK As always check out Chris Creamer’s website for the latest news in logos and jerseys. We’re sticking with baseball, trust me I’m getting sick of it too, but how could I say no to THIS? I need to see what their mascot’s costume looks like. Fingers crossed it’s a horrifying animatronic that gives kids nightmares.