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The Mid-Morning Dump: Haters Gonna Hate

The Cyclones’ top-10 ranking is bringing out the doubters

OVERRATED? The AP Top 25 poll, which put the Cyclones at No. 7 overall, has brought out the typical cynical pundits. Counterpoint, also below: They are a title contender.

GO DEEP A look at why the linebackers and O-Line will take advantage of their depth this season.

PLAYOFFS?! Would winning the Big 12 championship result in an Iowa State playoff berth? All signs point to yes.

CAREFUL The Big 12 announced that teams will be forced to forfeit any games in which they do not have enough players available because of COVID-19.

GET WELL SOON A scary moment in Tuesday’s A’s/White Sox game, as pitcher Chris Bassitt was struck in the face by a line drive. The line drive was clocked at over 100 mph, and he remains hospitalized.

IF AT FIRST... QB Josh Rosen was cut by the 49ers on Tuesday, just three years after being selected at No. 10 overall by the Cardinals in the 2018 draft.

TAKE A KNEE Tim Tebow’s NFL comeback attempt has come to an end after he was cut by the Jaguars on Tuesday.