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The Mid-Morning Dump: No More Saturdays Without College Football

Plus lots of NFL preseason content

ROB GRAY NOTEBOOK. This is always worth reading.

FPI PREDICTION. The ESPN model has predicted every game on ISU’s schedule.

LAST SEASON FOR PURDY. That is how #15 is viewing the 2021 season.

HEALTHY AFTER INJURY. Update here on starting tackle Jake Remsburg.

OFFFENSIVE LINE PREVIEW. Meet the unit that could be the strength of the offense.

SORTING OUT THE BEARS QB SITUATION. In case you missed it, Mitchell Trubisky COOKED the Bears on Saturday.

DON’T BOO HIM. Says Justin Fields of Andy Dalton.

UPDATED FANTASY RANKINGS. Just in case you need them.

TREY LANCE: HIGHS AND LOWS. The good looks good, the bad looks awful.

WENTZ AHEAD OF SCHEDULE TO RETURN. This is probably good news for the Colts but also is it??

HEAD FAKE. How sharp betters fool the market.

SUSPENDED BY HENRI. Was the PGA’s Northern Trust at Liberty National event.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. The Giants and Dodgers lead the way.

MIGGY HITS #500. Big milestone for Miguel Cabrera.