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Mid-Morning Dump: The Sky is Falling

It’s Been Fun

HERE WE GO Only a matter of time until realignment segued into “Matt Campbell should leave Iowa State” article.

SEEMS NOT GREAT The three remaining major conferences not named the SEC signed a symbolic (key word symbolic) agreement. I don’t know if it means anything but it doesn’t seem great for the remaining big 12 teams.

FOOTBALL I don’t have anything to link yet, so here’s our YouTube page for tonight. Anyways, stay tuned for tonight’s Fantasy Football Draft night cap, as well as an ELECTRIC Season Preview Litecast pod that comes out tomorrow.

FEAST YOUR EYES on this monstrosity. If this is how the Big 12 standings actually turn out I will personally tase Cyclone Larry’s testicles.

HOW COULD I SAY NO TO THIS HEADLINE? It’s either you read this or NFL preseason QB speculation, so...

FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT SZN If you have an upcoming draft, here’s some links I will definitely be using tonight.

STRIPES OVER CHECKS? Three of the top five picks signed with Adidas. Remember when a bunch of rookies signed with Puma? That was weird.

QB’S OF THE FUTURE The 2011 class of college quarterbacks had a whole bunch of firepower.

SIMMONS v. SIXERS The star-crossed relationship continues. The volatile portion of the NBA off-season has passed, but the Sixers are left without a Simmons solution.

CHRIS CREAMER LOGO OF THE WEEK Football is around the corner and I thought I’d go for nostalgia and look at some of the USFL logos. Before a New York millionaire playboy ruined the league, this beauty of a logo was slapped on the helmets of the Houston Gamblers.