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Litecast: Game-By-Game Predictions and the Draft of Tailgating Things

We’re less than two weeks away!

Football season is finally upon us. To get the fanbase in the spirit, Austin, Dylan, and Matt are going game by game for some predictions and how we think the season will play out. We all ended up with the same record, but not the same path to get there. Spoiler alert: there will be slip ups, so find out where we think they’ll happen. After that, we tackle the biggest cliches we expect to see throughout the season, both for Iowa State and the Big 12 at-large. Lastly, we wrapped this episode up with a draft of our top tailgating things. It’s purposely vague, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation and a lot of room for fun. We love football and can’t wait for the season to finally kickoff. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring this podcast!