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The Mid-Morning Dump: (Almost) Tailgating SZN

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The Litecast took a stab at the best tailgate.

ELECTRIC Check out Maddie Frederick’s highlight reel heading into year 4.

ABOUT THAT TIME With 9 days before opening kick, here’s our position preview for the corners.

WHERE YOU TAILGATING? The Litecast had a contentious tailgating draft, Dylan has me sold with the breakfast pizza and football.

CYCLONE VOLLEYBALLLLL After a tough 2020 season, the Cyclones are ready for 2021.

GIRL DAD Our very own Josh Lenz was featured in the Telegraph Herald in a story about life after football.

JUST A SHADE UNDER 6 HOURS AJ Pollock deserves the Gatorade shower after a game that ended at 4 am on the east coast.

UNREAL California’s Gavin Weir threw his 4th no-hitter, bringing his season stats to 114 K’s, 6 walks, and 1 hit.

LOOK OUT BELOW Brittney Griner slams it home.

THE SEC IS LAUGHING The Pac 12, ACC, Big 10 alliance is actually good for the SEC.