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The Mid-Morning Dump: RIP Twitter

Twitter was broken which has caused my Gen Z brain to shut down with it.

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INNER PEACE Brock Purdy is taking the next step in his career by becoming even more poised than he already was.

CY-HAWK SLIP Women’s soccer lost the first Cy-Hawk points of the year.

POSITION PREVIEW One of the best safeties in the nation will be returning to lead this group.

ALL GAS NO BREAK Aaron Rodgers returning to the Packers makes it clear that there is one thing on his mind, a championship.

LOYAL AFTER ALL Manchester United are now the front runners to bring Ronaldo back the Premier League after City pull out.

FANTASY GUIDE The good people at The Ringer put together their top 200 players headed into this years fantasy football season.

I WOULD HOPE SO Jameis Winston beat out a TE that can throw the ball sometimes for the Saints starting job.

TROUBLE IN JACKSONVILLE? Reports of unrest are coming out against Urban Meyers college style approach to their preseason.