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Iowa State Releases First Depth Chart Of 2021

Some new faces have emerged

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JUL 14 Big 12 Media Days Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Iowa State has released it’s initial depth chart prior to kickoff against Northern Iowa. While this is an initial depth chart prior to the game, expect to see a lot of different players this season as Iowa State has done a masterful job of building depth over the last few seasons.

The first name to stick out is J.R. Singleton at the nose tackle position. Isaiah Lee has been a solid contributor at the nose tackle position and has been mention by NFL scouts as a draftable prospect. J.R. Singleton was a high 3-star recruit as part of the 2019 class and has been touted for his quickness off the ball and ability to chase down plays. That will be a position to key an eye on as we move forward.

As expected Zach Petersen will get the first crack at taking over for JaQuan Bailey. Cordarrius Bailey, who is finally healthy, and Corey Suttle will also get a fair shot at solid playing time. Another spot to keep your eyes on as they Cyclones look to fill a hole here.

Notable newcomers on the depth chart include Jaylin Noel at WRM with Tarique Milton. Redshirt freshman Tyler Miller at left tackle. Myles Purchase at right corner. Beau Fryler at middle safety and Jordyn Morgan at free safety.

As stated before, Iowa State will play a ton of guys and this is certainly set to change but Saturday is right around the corner. Stay tuned to WRNL for more game week coverage.