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The Mid-Morning Dump: Bishop Sycamore Alumni, Stand Up!!!

America’s Team

GAMEWEEK Start the weather alert. (FCC can charge news stations $250,000 for playing the Iowa State intro since it’s so similar to an actual weather alert. Fun with journalism)

WHAT TO EXPECT I’m not smelling upset.

DEPTH CHART A surprise at NT, a couple of close competitions at FS and WRZ. Here’s Iowa State’s depth chart with a BUNCH of familiar faces.

ZEB’S TEAM A wild saga has turned Zeb Nolan from assistant to starting QB for an SEC team in a matter of weeks. Maybe he’ll even have a breakout season against lesser competition.

BISHOP SYCAMORE ESPN’s fumble, lack of google searches, and doing zero due diligence about this game led to some fake school getting whooped on by IMG Academy. Just an overall embarrassment, and a bit concerning how easy Bishop Sycamore duped the “Worldwide leader in sports”

BISHOP SYCAMORE PT. 2 All we need now is an ESPN 30 for 30... er... a different sports media company to do a documentary of ESPN’s complete lapse of judgement.

BREAKING NEWS Cam Newton is out of New England, Big Mac Jones will be the Pats guy.

TEXAS QB1? Imagine not knowing who’s going under center on the last day of August. Couldn’t be us. Horns down, Cajuns by a million.

OKLAHOMA HAS A HOME AND HOME WITH WHO??? You’re telling me Tulane somehow got away with scheduling OU as a home game? Well not anymore, but still, weird.

REAL ONES, DO REAL THINGS Earl Monroe is planning on funding an actual real school in the Bronx. One of the least talked about most talented basketball players of all time.

THE METS v. EL MAGO Come home Javy, the Mets don’t get you like we get you.

CHICAO BEARS, QB FACTORY A look at every Bears QB since 1985. Most of which, I’ve never heard of.

CHRIS CREAMER LOGO OF THE WEEK In honor of the start of Iowa State football I thought I’d manifest throwback uniforms that were teased last spring. GIVE IT TO US ISU EQUIPMENT, PLEASE.