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Litecast: Pick Six Previews on the 2021 Football Season

The analytics say we’ll be pretty good!

The Litecast kicks off the month of August with a big time return interview. Brett from Pick Six Previews joins the show to discuss all things Iowa State football in 2021. We start with a review of 2020 and if Iowa State has that extra gear they need to reach the College Football Playoff. While he hasn’t had a chance to speak to anyone on staff yet, he’d sure like to. While 2020 was weird, we find out if anything is being discounted or overvalued heading into this year.

We also get some thoughts on conference realignment, Iowa State’s individual positional greatness, and a breakdown of his Heisman voting process. And most importantly, why Oklahoma is his #1 team entering the season, how Iowa State stacks up in their matchups, and a surprise at 3rd in the Big 12.

Order Brett’s season preview book at You won’t get better than the most accurate preview!