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Wide Right ReCYcle Ep. 17: 2001 @ KU Rewatch with Paul Shirley

Yep, we are back. Listen for some never heard stories about Larry Eustachy from our interview with Paul Shirley.

The ReCYcle Podcast is back!!!

In this episode, we rewind to 2001 and steal Paul Shirley, former Iowa State player, and current author/entrepreneur to talk about his career as a Cyclone.

The interview provides the most insane, never-heard stories about controversial former Iowa State head coach Larry Eustachy. We don’t want to spoil it, but they are not pleasant.

Paul is a fantastic interview, and anyone who has any interest in Iowa State or basketball will be highly entertained by this podcast.

As always, this podcast is presented to you by Es Tas Bar & Grill.