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AHF Featured Farm: Wyatt and Sons Farms

Actually Helping Farmers.

Here at Wide Right & Natty Lite, we do our best to Actually Help Farmers, and since we couldn’t afford stickers on a helmet with zero other purpose, we decided that we would make an effort to support Iowa farmers in another way.

That being said, we are excited to announce the AHF Featured Farm Project. We are searching for farms in Iowa (or outside) that bring passion to the fields, both football and corn. Every nominated farm will have the option to purchase a custom shirt featuring their farm logo, and our AHF logo on the back (click here to purchase Wyatt and Sons Farms’ shirt) . 50% of all shirt sales will go towards Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Farm Crisis Center in efforts to Actually Help Farmers.

Our first farm is one that is near and dear to my heart, Wyatt and Sons Farms. I had the chance to chat with Matt Wyatt, the 4th generation of the farm. Based out of Hudson, Iowa, “North of the metropolis that is Voorhies,” (worth noting they are proud members of the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School District), Wyatt and Sons Farms was formed back in the 70’s once Frank Wyatt joined his dad Everett, after attending Iowa State University, farming the same ground he grew up on with his sister, Janet, and his brother, Jim. Before that, Noble Mason started the farm in the 1920s. The farm recently received the Century Farm Award at this year’s Iowa State Fair, being honored as a 2020 Century Farm.

When asked what Actually Helping Farmers meant to them, Matt said “Iowa State helps farmers because they educate them. Not only through the undergraduate programs, but also through their extension programs. Whether it’s livestock or crops, a lot of that research helps the American farmer feed the world.”

Wyatt and Sons Farms are some of the biggest Cyclone fans you’ll meet: “As long as I can remember,” Matt told WRNL. Frank Wyatt was the first to go to Iowa State, his late wife Susan being an honorary Cyclone if there ever was one, always supporting the Cyclones and each of her children that attended. After Frank, both of his sons Monte and Matt attended the greatest place on Earth, where they met their spouses and have a combined 4 kids attending Iowa State currently. 3 generations of Cyclones for those of you keeping track. “We love the Clones. Win or lose, we still booze!”

(L-R) Matt Wyatt, Frank Wyatt, and Doug Keller celebrate the end of each harvest accordingly, with cigars and tall boys.

Special thanks to the Wyatt Family for their kind donation and for Actually Helping Farmers.

Have a family farm or know someone actually helping farmers? Email to be featured!