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Iowa State Utterly Embarrassed By Iowa


Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Never in my life have I witnessed a more disappointing performance.

Iowa State was dominated by Iowa, falling by a final score of 27-17. Dominated is probably not the correct word choice, but when Iowa State cannot get out of their own way, there is really no alternative that is more fitting.

The Cyclones outgained Iowa 339-175, but it did not matter.

Three Brock Purdy interceptions and a Breece Hall fumble are ultimately what cost the Cyclones, along with some awful Corey Dunn punting.

Brock Purdy was benched late in the game, as the offense could not keep up with very good play by the Cyclone defense.

There are really no positives here; Iowa State got clowned by ESPN and College Gameday, only to get clowned on the field by the Iowa Hawkeyes.

This one is going to sting (and stink) for a long, long time.

Take it easy, folks.