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The Mid-Morning Dump: Picking up the Pieces

If life is pain, what is football?

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ROB GRAY NOTEBOOK. The defense deserved better.

POLL UPDATE. Iowa State is down a bit.

PURDY BENCHING. Get Randy’s thoughts on it.


STORYLINE OF THE WEEKEND. The cat from the Miami game is alright.

HAYNES KING OUT. A&M lost their young quarterback to injury.

BIG WIN FOR OREGON. The Ducks shocked Ohio State on Saturday.

UNACCEPTABLE. Says Mike Norvell of FSU’s loss.

CFB WEEK 2 REACTION. For all teams across the sport.

BANNER WEEKEND FOR THE NFC NORTH. All teams in the division lost.

NFL WINNERS AND LOSERS. There seemed to be a lot of losers.

BROWNS CAME CLOSE. But the Chiefs came out on top again.

AARON RODGERS STINKS IT UP. And Jameis Winston looked amazing.

MEDVEDEV WINS. Denying Novak Djokovic a shot at history.