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This Week in GIFs: Iowa

Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Well, what a disaster Saturday turned out to be.

ESPN has to just be trolling Iowa State at this point.

It seemed to me that not showing much against UNI totally backfired.

The defense was OUTSTANDING all game long.

Outside of that, nothing else went right.

Punting continued to be a problem.

While Iowa’s punter murdered us all game long.

Iowa State’s offense had 4 turnovers, a bunch of drops, and little mistakes.

Live look at Tom Manning dialing up the most uninspired, simple plays possible:

Matt Campbell after an interception and a fumble returned for a touchdown:

All of us were a bit surprised when Hunter Dekkers came into the game.

Plenty of fans left early to beat traffic.

While those who stayed got to see a Milton touchdown and Kolar whiff on a recoverable onside kick.

While there are certainly other issues, the offense is overwhelmingly the problem.

Well. If not this season, then never?