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The Mid-Morning Dump: NFL Week 1

Overreaction Time

DO WE HAVE TO? I’m going to link the game recap and the post mortem, but maybe just schedule a therapy appointment instead of reading them. Everything sucks.

BRING THE TENTS Mid-afternoon in Waco is going to be a scorcher.

VIVA LAS VEGAS The Cyclones look to get back on track against a shotty UNLV team. Please blow the brakes off of them, please.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL The Rrrrrrrrrrraiders get a home win in their ‘first’ game at Allegiant Stadium.

USC’YA LATER USC fired head coach Clay Helton two games into the season, you’ll never guess whose name is coming up for a replacement.

ABA SHADOWS Choosing the NBA or ABA had long lasting implications. Those who played in the ABA retired without pensions, and struggled to find work after they’re playing careers.

NFL POWER RANKINGS I’m just gonna guess the NFC North isn’t well represented towards the top.

MR. HBO From “The Wire” to “Boardwalk Empire” to the more recent “Lovecraft Country” it’s hard to think of HBO without the extremely talented, Michael K. Williams. One of my favorite actors, rest in peace.

KENNY MAYNE One of the last artifacts from the ‘good ol’ days’ at ESPN was the dry humor, smirking Kenny Mayne, here’s what he’s up to after ESPN shoved him out the door.


CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK As always check out for all of your logo needs. This one is a bit of a stretch but I was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in NBA 2k22, they have incredibly boring logos so I sought out the most unique ‘King’ logo I could find... minor league hockey. I bring you the now defunct Victoria Salmon Kings.