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Litecast: CyHawk Post-Mortem, Big 12 Expansion, and Remembering Big 12 Legends

Legends, not leaders.

The Litecast is back to recap an absolute dud of a CyHawk game. Matt, Dylan, and Austin break down when they knew things were going wrong, how badly the in-game experience was, and eventually segue into some bigger picture things for the rest of the season. Is there a QB controversy right now? Do we have concerns about Iowa State’s ability to compete in the Big 12? And just what will it take to get the offense back on track?

Elsewhere, the Big 12 made the additions of Cincinnati, BYU, Houston, and UCF official. Who is the most exciting new addition? Iowa State is sure to create a rivalry with someone. And these new schools give us an opportunity to reminisce on some Big 12 legends (not leaders) like Taysom Hill, Blake Bortles, Case Keenum, Jimmer Fredette, and more. We finish with a visit to the Wide Right moneyline because the poor start to football season isn’t limited to just Iowa State on the field. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring. Stay safe and gamble responsibly if you’ll be in Vegas this weekend.