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Delusional Discord: UNI Week

The WRNL threw out some ragers

As many of you know we started our very own Discord server, if you haven’t joined click here to do so. If you don’t know what Discord is, basically it’s just a forum like chat where people join and discuss anything a particular server wants to discuss. Where ours is all Iowa State and Big 12 themed (minus OU and Texas).

One of our Discord members had the idea “Delusional Discord” where the members could fire off any hot takes or random predictions they could think of for the season. So we decided to take the best ones and share them here! So let’s take a look at some of the fire balls tossed out this week.

Well I think we could all get behind this first one here

One of the WRNL OGs NormanUnderwood came with a not so popular one right way. Good lord.

This is something I am curious to see happen.

Bold take Farcyde.

Let’s get to some fun Iowa State takes

This one just seems more like a probability than anything

Sorry Oklahoma, you forced this upon yourself

Oh Lord.

If you think you got some good takes or something funny, join us in the discord next week!