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The Mid-Morning Dump: There are 16 college football games tonight

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Here. We. Go.

UNIFORM ANNOUNCEMENT ISU announces they’ll break out the white-red-white combo.

NEW GUY Meet Iowa State’s new PA Announcer Joe Hammen.

WE OVER ME Eleanor Holthouse goes into detail with John Walters about her career at ISU.

IT’S BEEN QUITE THE RIDE Iowa State season tickets have skyrocketed since Jamie Pollard took over.

DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WATCH FOR? Dylan’s has your back, here are the players to watch vs. UNI.

LET ME TELL YOU ‘BOUT MY BEST FRIEND How Charlie Kolar and Chase Allen became best friends over competing for the same job.

BAM BAM BYE BYE CAM What’s next for the former MVP?

WHEELIN’ N DEALIN’ Yankees ace Gerrit Cole couldn’t be touched last night.

I STILL HATE UAB The Blazers came nowhere near that 52.5 over.

ALMOST THERE Here are some story lines to get you going for a big CFB weekend.