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Mid-Morning Dump: Old Man and the Th-Retired

JJ Redick hangs it up after 15 years

UNDER THE LIGHTS For reasons unbeknownst to me, Iowa State will play Kansas at 6 pm. I’m 22 and still don’t understand how FOX’s premiere time slots work.

WEEKEND RECAP From the post-mortem to the game recap, WRNL has you covered.

NEXT MAN UP The sidelines turned into a Silas fan club. Also, s/o to the super talented, and my very good friend, Jacqueline Cordova of Cyclone Fanatic. Follow her, if you don’t already.

SHOOTERS SHOT, PAST TENSE One of the best spot up shooters the game has ever seen. JJ Redick was (almost) always on a playoff team, but never won a championship. Also, he hosts my favorite podcast.

EARLY MORNING CONTROVORSEY ESPN is releasing their top 100 (Today 100-51) players for the 21-22 season, and if KD isn’t number one, I’m calling the basketball cops.

BIG MAN ON CAMPUS JR Smith, collegiate golfer extraordinaire, has been on a twitter rampage of great tweets.

WEEK 2 TAKEAWAYS The Chiefs are beatable, but can anybody beat the Bucs?

TAKEAWAYS FROM WEEK 2 In a more literal sense, there was approximately 1 million interceptions thrown Sunday.

ALABAMA COULD NEVER Hashtag PeopleForget that the winningest collegiate programs this season, are both in the state of Iowa.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK We go to the NHL where a trend, that fingers crossed makes its way to basketball, is coming. The Arizona Coyotes opted out of their modern howling coyote head in favor of their old ridiculous looking 90’s cartoony-cave-art-style-coyote-monstrosity. And I for one, love it.