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Litecast: Vegas Memories, UNLV Recap, and Baylor Look Ahead

Seems like the Cyclones loved their time on the road.

The Litecast is home from Sin City recapping a weekend in the desert and an absolute domination of UNLV by the Cyclones. Matt, Austin, and Dylan break down the game and try to find meaning for the rest of the season. Maybe we just needed to beat somebody really badly for the confidence boost. Up next is a trip to Waco to play Baylor. We’ve crunched the numbers and their schedule so far is terrible. But the Bears should not be taken lightly, and we know the players to look out for.

The New Big 12 is continuing to win games and the Pac-12 decidedly is not so we are working to brand ourselves as better than the Alliance. Plus, a little conspiracy corner comes out as we ask the question: are we sure the Big 12 won’t raid the Pac-12? Lastly, we make picks for the upcoming college football weekend. Shoutout to our sponsor Es Tas Bar & Grill and to all the Cyclones who took over Las Vegas!