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Cyclones Fall to Baylor, 31-29

That wasn’t fun tbh.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

After throttling UNLV last week, Iowa State travels to our 3rd favorite Texas school, Baylor. The Cyclones enter the game sitting at 2-1, while the Bears have a 3-0 record, coming off a win against a jv team Kansas and teams that make Kansas look good Texas Southern, and Texas State. It’s 88 degrees in Waco and the Cyclones are 7 point favorites, let’s do this thing.

What would Cyclone football be without the game before us going long. Wisconsin and Notre Dame say “hold my beer!” as they are taking years in their punting contest or whatever the hell is going on at the house that Mitch Trubisky built (yeah, I went there). That game isn’t close to being done so let’s go to FS2! There is f****** horse racing on. What is this.

Baylor in that gold awful gold, ISU in the cardinal-white-white combo. Iowa State starts with the ball from their own 25 yard line. Xavier Hutchinson and Breece Hall get the Cyclones rolling early, picking up 41 yards right away to get into Baylor territory within the first minute and a half. The drive would stay alive after a key Breece Hall first down run on 4th down. A pass to Kolar a few plays later has Iowa State on the Baylor two. Breece up the middle, touchdown! That breaks the Big 12 record for consecutive games with a rushing touchdowns at 16, passing Mizzou QB Corby Jones.

Baylor gets the ball from their own 25 yard line. Baylor’s offense ranks amongst the best in the country, and it shows early. Of course, Iowa State forces a fumble once Baylor gets within striking distance but the Bears are able to jump on it and keep possession. That leads to a Baylor touchdown, knotting up the score at 7 a piece. It appears that it is “dress like a bleacher day” in McLane Stadium today.

Iowa State’s second possession starts from the 25 per usual, starting with back to back Breece Hall runs to get the ball moving, but the drive leads to a punt. Corey Dunn’s punt gets partially blocked, and the Bears get the ball from their own 44. The Cyclone defense continues to get sliced, and Baylor’s offense looks good through the first quarter. On the first play of the 2nd quarter, Gerry Bohanon finds Tyquan Thornton for a 21 yard touchdown, Bears up 14-7.

Get this, Iowa State’s next drive starts from the 25. Brock Purdy hits Chase Allen to gain 19 yards, and a facemask adds another 15. Cyclones on the move. A Breece Hall run on 4th down keeps the drive alive once again, as Iowa State approaches the red zone. The drive would eventually stall, but a 40 yard field goal from Andrew Mevis brings Iowa State within 4, 14-10 bad guys.

I sound like a broken record, but Baylor’s offense has been dominant and the Cyclones are struggling to get stops. 3rd down and 4th down defense taking a beating. Baylor drives down the field with ease, before Bohannon finds his man Ben Sims for a 33 yard touchdown to go up 21-10 with 5 and a half to go in the first half. Baylor’s 2nd 75 yard scoring drive of the first half.

The Cyclones next drive once again begins at their own 25, started by back to back Breece Hall runs to spark the offense. A pair of personal fouls sets up ISU inside the BU 30, but the field goal unit would be called for once again. Mevis no good from 47 yards out. Jon Heacock dials up that 3 and out defense, however. Iowa State back with the ball after a muffed punt sets them up from their own 14 with under a minute to go. Brock Purdy finds Breece Hall and Xavier Hutchinson to move the ball, later finding Kolar in a play that had everyone confused. First down Iowa State! Ball on the 21 yard line with 9 seconds to play in the first half. Mevis out to kick from 38, good snap, good hold, good kick. 21-13 at the break.

Let’s all take a deep breath.

Going to need more than a deep breath, folks. The Bears start the half right where they left off and put a few plays together to instantly get into ISU territory. Jon Heacock’s defense unable to get a stop on 4th down has Baylor within the Iowa State 30 yard line. The Cyclones finally catch a break, as Bohannon puts the ball on the turf and Kym-Mani King falls on it! Brock Purdy is back to doing the thing, that offense is MOVING. Some complimentary football from the Clones here. Iowa State would eventually run out of steam on that drive, but Andrew Mevis tacks on his 3rd field goal of the day to bring it within 5, 21-16.

Just when things were looking up, Baylor returns the ensuing kickoff 99 yards for the score, 28-16. Cyclones go 3 and out. Defense keeps ISU in the game, forcing a punt. Breece Hall opens up the drive with a 42 yard run, but the official forgets where he is on the field and runs into an ISU staff member, causing a penalty that only we could get. Purdy then remembers the tight ends exist and drives the Clonies (shoutout Megatron) down the field to set up Breece Hall’s 2nd touchdown of the day. 28-23 going into the fourth quarter.

Cyclones force a quick 3 and out, things are happening. Breece Hall got me feelin’ things. 34 yard run has ISU on the move once again. Brock Purdy’s next pass gets tipped, and picked. Baylor ball. Baylor punt. Why use many word when few word do trick. Cyclones take over from their own 15, but would be forced to punt. A big return has Baylor at the ISU 16 to start their drive that would yield in a field goal, 31-23 Baylor with 5 and a half to play.

The first play of ISU’s next drive is a 21 yard pitch and catch from Purdy to Chase Allen to put the ball right around midfield. A huge 3rd down connection from Purdy to Kolar keeps the ball moving. The camera man blows the next 3rd down and I have no clue what just happened. 4th and 1. First down! Brock Purdy keeps it on the next play to get consecutive first downs. 43 ticks to go. 3rd and 6, ball on the 18. Move the chains. 38 seconds now. Charlie Kolar wide open, touchdown! Flag, ineligible man downfield. Backed up to the 16 with 31 seconds left. Now Breece is wide open! Touchdown Cyclones with 24 seconds to go! 2 point conversion incoming. Purdy fumbles the snap, and the play was doomed from the start. Score remains 31-29. Baylor recovers the onside kick, and that’s all she wrote.

Cyclones fall to 2-2 (0-1), while Baylor improves to 4-0 (2-0). Iowa State returns home next week to take on Kansas.