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Mid-Morning Dump: PTI 20

20 Years of Trying to do Better Next Time, Knuckleheads

A WEEKEND RECAP I, for one, don’t subject myself to further torture, but if you want to read into the Baylor recap, post mortem, or gamethread, be my guest.

RUN IT Hey, our cross country teams had high expectations coming into the season and actually delivered, what a concept.

NOT OUR SPECIALTY Shield your eyes. (At least we’re not Nebraska)

PTI20 Without getting too sappy, PTI helped me through a rough stretch. I watched them religiously my first semester of college at South Dakota State, and I often call them two of my three best friends in Brookings. The best sports debate show to ever do it, congrats Mike and Tony.

MEDIA DAYS The point of interest was on anything, except basketball yesterday.

BAM BAKICH I didn’t call parents of high school players ‘meth heads’ so I guess I’m not qualified for a job at Outkick, bummed.

NAUSEATING I’m sure this will be the only thing ESPN talks about for the next week. Brady returns to New England, yawn.

PARTY LIKE IT’S 2003 Nearly 20 years after the iconic 2003 draft, two of the best players are teaming up for one(?) last run.

PHILLY What could’ve been a PR nightmare, Sixers media day was relatively calm with the Ben Simmons cloud looming over it.

MUST WIN? My favorite two words in sports baby. How ‘in trouble’ is your favorite NFL team and are the next 15 games, ‘must win’?

BLACKOUT Do with this information what you may...

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK Two hockey teams in a row, so I deserve a medal. This week it goes to the Seattle Kraken who 1. have the coolest name ever and 2. a Tennessee Titan color scheme that actually works.