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AHF Featured Farm: Black Farms

Actually Helping Farmers.

Here at Wide Right & Natty Lite, we do our best to Actually Help Farmers, and since we couldn’t afford stickers on a helmet with zero other purpose, we decided that we would make an effort to support Iowa farmers in another way.

In our AHF Featured Farm Project, we will honor one family farm each week of an Iowa State home game. We are searching for farms in Iowa (or outside) that bring passion to the fields, both football and corn. Every nominated farm will have the option to purchase a custom shirt featuring their farm logo, and our AHF logo on the back (click here to buy the Black Farms AHF shirt). 50% of all shirt sales will go towards Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Farm Crisis Center in efforts to Actually Help Farmers.

This week, I spoke with Brad Black of Black Farms. Black Farms is located outside of Barnum, Iowa, 20 miles west of Fort Dodge. Gene Black started the 3,000-acre farm, which is now run by Brad, Dean, and Perry Black. Black Farms used to raise hogs along with corn and soybeans, but now the only livestock is owned by Dean Black, who has cattle. Brad, the 3rd generation farmer said, “We all just help each other out and do what needs to be done to get the job done.”

Why are they Iowa State fans? “Born and bred.” Gene attended ISU, as well as Perry, both belonging to the AGR house. The Black’s have always been Iowa State fans, even through the tough years, “We’ve supported Iowa State for as long as I can remember.”

To Black Farms, actually helping farmers means “Actually supporting farmers, by supporting the organizations that educate them. Not only through the Iowa State Extension services, which is among the best in the nation,...being able to use real world, applicable donations.” Black Farms actually helps farmers, and they have a lot of pride while doing it.

Special thanks to the Black Family for their partnership and for Actually Helping Farmers!

Have a family farm or know someone actually helping farmers? Email to be featured!