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The Mid-Morning Dump: HYPE TAPE SZN

I’m not crying, you are.


SEASON OPENER Women’s cross country hopes to hit the ground running today in IC.

BIG BRAIN ACTIVITY The WRNL discord is home to many logic filled takes and absolutely no B.S.

THANKS JOHN The legendary voice of the Cyclones set out his key objectives for ISU this Saturday.

RIVALRIES GALORE Women’s softball will open up the year with plenty of in-state competition after one of their best seasons in school history.

200 IQ Due to hurricane Ida the Saints moved their week 1 opener against the Packers to Florida for some interesting reasons.

PLAY NICE TOM Brady let it fly on his former teammate and current head coach of the Titans.

TO GO OR NOT TO GO With COVID still very much alive ESPN has the answers to 5 questions you may be asking while headed into football stadiums this season.

TO THE HOUSE College football really is back.

CLB IS OUT Now every major sports twitter account can stop tweeting about it.