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This Week in GIFs: Northern Iowa

1-0 > 0-1

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Rolling up to Jack Trice Stadium for the first time was pure bliss.

And there were fans!

And there were no torrential rains!!

Man, this game had lots of punts.

And Corey Dunn had some stinkers.

The offense moved the ball at times but never really went anywhere.

And some silly mistakes stalled promising drives.

Thankfully the Iowa State defense was there to help out a struggling offense.

Shout out to the defense for being amazing all game long, as UNI could get nothing by them.

In other positive news, we FINALLY got TOUCHBACKS.

If you expected Campbell to go for it on those 4th downs, you don’t know his coaching philosophy.

Eventually, the Cyclones squeezed the life out of UNI, winning 16-10.

And I didn’t even Tweet a single bad thing about Jon Heacock.

Mark Farley saying “the better team didn’t win the game” after being completely shut down on offense.

Bring on Hate Week and the Hawkeyes.