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Litecast: College AmesDay 2.0 ft ESPN’s Chris Fallica!

The Bear is on the pod! This is not a drill!

It’s a loaded brand new episode of the Litecast for rivalry week! Matt, Austin, and Dylan start by breaking down what we saw on the field in Week 1 against UNI. There were a lot of things to improve, but some stuff we liked as well. Eventually we landed in a good place. From there, we did a little bit of breakdown on Iowa’s win over Indiana and how we see this weekend’s game playing out.

ESPN’s Chris Fallica, aka The Bear, aka the Unofficial Mayor of Ames, joins the show to talk all things College GameDay. We got a rating on Ames as a host, what it’s like having Lee Corso back in person, how the host gets selected each weekend, and the casual fan’s guide to why they should watch on Saturday. We also got to the bottom of Bear’s affinity for Iowa State which goes surprisingly far back to the 90s. Of course we had to ask about Matt Campbell and how he’s perceived, plus if Kirk Herbstreit is cool with our fans again. Lastly, we had to talk some gambling and get Bear’s guide to surveying the board on a given weekend, plus a little preview for what he likes on Saturday.

Thanks to our sponsor Es Tas Bar & Grill for making this happen! Go Cyclones!