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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hok Fans Big Mad

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They don’t like the idea of someone else using a neutral color.

CENTURY MARK! WRNL’s Twitter found 100 different Iowa fans to complain about Iowa State’s uniform, but remember, they super don’t care about this game!

THE GODFATHER Releases his Keys to Victory.

WE GOT CONTENT We’ve got a Chris Fallica guest appearance, Chris Hassel joins The Night Cap, Matthias explores enemy territory, and Dylan’s got the players to watch this week.

LARRY IS MENACE Despite giving a bloody mary the ole college try, Lawrence still says he hates bloody mary’s.

FOOTBALL IS BACK The NFL kicks off their 102nd season.

TALKING SOCCER The USMNT put a tally in the win column last night.

HEAD COACH PEYTON MANNING It’s flag, but it’s still football.