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The Mid-Morning Dump: DAWGS

Psst... This Game Was So Boring.

BAD DAY TO LIVE IN KANSAS Both the men’s and women’s teams are in the Sunflower State.

BIGGEST NERD AWARD Charlie Kolar was honored at the National Championship last night for winning the Mackey this year.


THEY WANTED BAMA Kirby Smart pulls one over his mentor, but more importantly, I decided to watch the end of ND v. USD (I’ll let you guess the acronyms) men’s basketball instead of the championship game in the first half. That first half sucked.

BAN TURF A couple of key Alabama players left the game with injuries.

WAY TOO EARLY Anyone want to talk about 2022 college football? Iowa State isn’t ranked in the top 10, which might be a good thing?

THE NUMBER ONE PICK You haven’t heard of yet. Tune into an Auburn game and watch why this guy is climbing draft boards.

EUPHORIA Possibly my favorite TV show from an aesthetic point of view, season 2 is here, and we finally got the Fez episode.

NETS MINUTE Uh, not great. I don’t think the Lakers are the only star-studded team hoping to make some moves at the deadline. But hey, Billups likes Kyrie. Are compliments more important than wins?

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK That stupid ‘G’. I hate it. It’s cartoon-y, it’s boring, it’s everywhere. I know the design is to make it ‘look’ like a football. But it doesn’t. It looks like a dumb ‘G’. The Packers, Georgia, Grambling State, at least one opposing high school team you played growing up. This ‘G’ sucks, and every team that uses it should be forced to do something cooler.