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The Mid-Morning Dump: Taco (Tech) Tuesday

The Cyclones Head to the Crown Jewel of Northwest Texas

THE GOOD, THE BAD And the January 5th meeting of these two teams. Iowa State looks to sweep the Red Raiders, now at full health.

LOCKED AT 15 Iowa State went 1-1 on the week with a good showing at The Phog. They stay put in the AP.

MAKING HISTORY The Twister Sisters are 16-1 for the first time in program history. This week their conference schedule ramps up, but if they go 2-0, they could be a top 5 team by this time next week.

WELCOME TO IOWA A handful of Cyclones made their way to Ames for early enrollment. They were greeted with a Saskatchewan Screamer. (Hey, phrasing)

NETS MINUTE The Big 3 is down to 0 KD’s, 1 James Harden, and .5 Kyrie Irving’s. Cool cool cool cool.

HUBBA HUBBA Chubba Purdy is transferring to Nebraska. GBR.

WILDCARD WEEKEND I didn’t watch a single game, because college basketball was on, plus I was working. But here’s some stuff that happened.

HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS There’s lots of way to lose a football game, the Cowboys tried to do it every way.

CAMERAS ARE BECOMING TOO POWERFUL It’s an odd day when cameras make reality look like it’s made up of PS2 graphics.

HERE’S A THING I DID I tried to stay warm this weekend as Friday night hoops came to a halt in the metro, but the Roughriders (Future Cyclone Ariana Jackson included) had some outdoor hoops of their own.

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK The Auburn Tigers, who chant War Eagle, have an incredibly boring history of logos. I don’t know how you could mess up the absurdity of a Tiger-War-Eagle hybrid logo, but they’ve chosen not to. My reason for picking Auburn is; they were absolutely robbed from being the AP #1 team for the first time in school history this week. They’re number one in my book, but not Jesse Newell’s.