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Tech and KU Put on a Classic at Allen Fieldhouse

CYCLONE NATION Please show support for Cyclone superfan Nicholas Basset, the real MVP of this year’s Cy-Hawk College Gameday. Let him know we’re here for him and his family!

NEW RANKINGS The men and women both stay in the AP top 25, although the men are just barely hanging on.

NEVER TOO EARLY TO WORRY Are we going to be bad in football? I hope not.

I THINK THIS IS GOOD Right hand up I don’t really know how wrestling works, but this graphic has lots of names and lots of numbers. Also David Carr ranked 1 seems like a good thing.

BIG 12 BASKETBALL A double OT thriller. Bad calls, plenty of reviews, Tech’s two best players playing terribly, two players with 30+ points. This game had EVERYTHING.

DO WE CARE? Brady and Rodgers seem like two of the least compelling stories in the NFL, but of course ESPN has them in their headlines. So here’s that, if you care.

AT LEAST SHE’S SELF AWARE Brittany Matthew’s husband won one of the most entertaining NFL games in recent memory, but then...

It is way too damn cold out for some millionaire’s wife to be spraying champagne on me. No thank you ma’am.

QUIET, TOO QUIET Trade talks are ramping up, but unless you count Bol Bol to the Celtics a big move, the trade scene has been quiet.

GET WELL DICKIE V Dickie V will be sidelined for the remainder of the season, but I have a feeling he won’t be missing many games.

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED As the old grumpy losers got sent home this weekend, a new era of Brady v. Manning might be taking place in the AFC.

SPORTS (jersey?) OF THE WEEK Our future Big 12 brethren are unveiling some HEAT. A 1970’s throwback. I, for one, cannot wait for the future Iowa State v. Cincy rivalry.